Hawaiian Spirulina pacifica

Spirulina Pacifica

The Hawaiian Superfood

240 tablets - 500 mg each

Price for botlle of Spirulina pacifica 240 tablets .

Spirulina is 100% Pure. No Binders, No Fillers. ISO 9000 Certified.Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is certified organic by Quality Assurance International and the Hawaiian Farmers Association.Spirulina Pacifica strain evolved in Hawaiian SunUltra-Pure deep ocean water minerals and trace elements Patented Ocean-Chill drying system - highest carotene content .

Buyer Beware!

Only Spirulina grown in United State is recognized as safe by US government. Nutrition News recommends Hawaiian or California Spirulina from Cyanotech Corporation.

A Pure Organic Source of Phytonutrients, B-vitamins and GLASpirulina, a freshwater algae provides more concentrated nutrition than any other whole food. This floating miniature plant is full of Phytonutrients (Carotenoids, Chlorophyll, Phycocyanin) powerful life enhancing compounds.

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Only Hawaiian Spirulina draws nourishment from the worlds cleanest, deepest ocean. Facility uses ocean water drawn from a pipeline that plunges 2000 feet into the sea. Oceanographers tell us this water has been below the surface since Old Testament times. Deep water from the Pacific makes a very slow migration which starts at the poles. This deep water stays in a distinct layer, traveling like a very slowly moving river toward the tropics. Our pipeline brings this ultra-pure, mineral rich water to our ponds. We supplement our Spirulina systems with this deep water as a source of calcium, magnesium, and all the essential trace elements. No other Spirulina is grown with such a rich source of naturally occurring nutrients.

Hawaiian Spirulina Nutrient Comparison

  • Spirulina has 300% more calcium than whole milk Good for bones, osteoporosis, growth of children
  • Spirulina has 2300% more iron than spinach Good for blood, prevents anemia
  • Spirulina has 3900% more Beta Carotene than carrots Good for eyes, strong antioxidant, immunity
  • Spirulina has 375% more protein than tofu Building block for muscle tissue, necessary in diet

Spirulina is also exceptionally rich in:

  • Vitamin B12 Spirulina features the highest concentration of vitamin B12 of all natural food products. It is also rich in other B vitamins, such as B1, B2, B3 and B6.
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  • Beta-carotene Spirulina is the most concentrated, natural source of beta-carotene, present here in four different molecular forms, and of other carotenoids like zeahanthin and beta-cryptoxanthin. No other whole food provides comparable concentration of these powerful antioxidants. The level of beta-carotene (vitamin A precursor) found in Spirulina is many times higher than in carrots (25 times more than in carrots).
  • Amino Acids Spirulina contains all essential amino acids that the body cannot produce by itself.
  • Proteins Spirulina is the best natural source of protein (60%). Human body assimilates 95% of the protein present in Spirulina, compared to only 20% absorption from meat.
  • Minerals Spirulina is an excellent source of iron (56 times higher concentration than in spinach or steak).
  • Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) Spirulina is the richest whole food with GLA, a natural anti-inflammatory compound.

Spirulina is one of the most concentrated natural sources of nutrition known. It contains all the essential amino acids, rich in chlorophyll, beta-carotene and its co-factors, and other natural phytochemicals. Spirulina is the only green food rich in GLA essential fatty acid. GLA stimulates growth in some animals and makes skin and hair shiny and soft yet more durable. GLA also acts as an anti-inflammatory, sometimes alleviating symptoms of arthritic conditions.

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Spirulina Benefits

Spirulina acts as a functional food.It feeds beneficial intestinal flora, especially Lactobacillus and Bifidus. Maintaining a healthy population of these bacteria in the intestine reduces potential problems from opportunistic pathogens like E. coli and Candida albicans. Studies show when Spirulina is added to the diet, beneficial intestinal flora increase.

  • A POWERFUL NATURAL DETOXIFIER - Spirulina has a cleansing effect that works first on the digestive system and then on the blood and the entire body will follow in a few months of continuous use.

  • SHOWN TO BE HELPFUL IN PEOPLE WITH ARTHRITIS - It contains GAMMA LINOLENIC ACID, an essential fatty acid that has demonstrated to be of help in the relief of arthritis... GLA also helps in lowering blood pressure and blood cholesterol. It eases other condition such as eczema, pre menstrual pain and other skin conditions.

  • HELPS PEOPLE WITH ANEMIA - Spirulina contains high level of IRON AND VITAMIN B12... he diet prescribed for anemic condition requires the intake of high calorie, high vitamin and high protein foods, as well as sufficient supply of iron and other blood building materials.

  • STRENGTHENS THE LIVER - Spirulina is an ideal supply of VEGETABLE PROTEIN and vitamins, it can be recommended as supplementary means of protecting the liver.

  • FOR PEOPLE WITH STOMACH DISORDER - The medicine usually prescribed for people with such condition contains CHLOROPHYLL, as it has the effect of curing the inflammation in the stomach walls. Spirulina contains large amount of chlorophyll.

  • MAINTAINS OUR BODYS PH LEVEL - All diseases start and live and thrive in an acidic environment and do not live well in an alkaline environment. Spirulina is cultured in alkaline water, thus, it follows that when we take spirulina our body becomes more alkaline.

  • HELPS IN FIGHTING CANCER - Scientific studies world wide have shown the incredible anti cancer property of spirulina due to its high BETA-CAROTENE content.

  • INCREASES ENERGY LEVEL - Spirulina is an extremely high energy food. It contains all the B vitamins, which in themselves are synonymous with high energy.

  • A POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT - The PHYCOCYANIN pigments of these algae has demonstrated antioxidant activity. It scavenges peroxide radicals.

  • IT IS A NATURAL SOURCE OF PHENYLALANINE - A substance that is required by the thyroid gland for production of thyroxin which stimulates metabolic rate.

To Top 6-15 tablets daily. Take this organic whole food source or health-promoting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with or between meals.
Store at room temperature. Stability is maintained for 3 years after date of manufacture.


Some of the worldwide organization has recommended Spirulina as:

Spirulina is the most ideal pollution-free food of mankind of the 21st century.
   - Recommended by Food and Agriculture Origination of the United Nations, FAO

Spirulina is the most ideal and most perfect food of tomorrow
   - Recommended by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
     Organization, UNESCO

Spirulina is the best health food of the 21st century of mankind.
   - Recommended by World Health Organization, WHO

Spirulina is the super nutrient food for the future.
   - Recommended by The International Protein of Microorganism Conference held
     in 1973 A.D.

Spirulina is one of the best resources of protein.
   - Recommended by U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA