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Posted by: Maggie
City/province: Ontario Canada

Good product! Brought down my cholesterol and blood pressure. Relieved me of myarthritic pain in my knees.
Tillsonburg, Ontario

Posted by: Gwen
City/province: Ontario Canada

I started taking Krill Oil because I had aching knee joints. Sometimes, after gardening or yard work - but often for no reason whatsoever - my knees would ache for a few days. After taking Krill Oil for a couple of weeks, I noticed that I hadn't had any soreness in the joints. It's been about six months now and guess what, no aching - even after extreme gardening.
Markham, Ontario

Posted by: James
City/province: Ontario Canada

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the prompt service. I received my order the next day. I am amazed because I thought I'd have to wait a week or so. I most definitely will be ordering from you again! I've been taking Spirulina for some time now. However, I've noticed your Spirulina product appears to be of the highest quality I've experienced thus far. I am truly impressed with the increase in my energy levels and general well-being. Thanks for offering such a terrific product. James
Etobicoke Ontario

Posted by: Nigel
City/province: Ontario Canada

I got interested in Neptune Krill oil about two years ago when a client mentioned the positive results that he had obtained from using the product. Since then I have been using Dilesta's Nutrition Krill Oil on a regular basis and have been recommending it to family, friends and other clients in the age range of 20 to 80. The consistent outcome of Krill use in that those that have undergone blood testing has been a decrease in LDL and an increase in HDL as compared to prior levels and in several cases older friends have had a noticeable reduction in the pain associated with arthritis in their hands. All these results simply by taking one capsule per day without the unwanted side effects of the alternatives. Nigel Toronto, Canada

Posted by: Brent Roberts
City/province: Ontario Canada

I got interested in Neptune Krill Oil after listening to a stock market analyst discuss Neptune Biotech on TV. I did some reading and decided I liked the idea and started using it instead of Salmon Oil. This last summer I had blood work done twice about 10 weeks apart and the startup of taking the NKO was just after the first test. After the second set of tests my doctor advised me there was a remarkable increase in my HDL. This not high science but I seem to be getting the desired reults.

Posted by: Asaf KERIMOGLU
City/province: ISTANBUL-TURKEY

I am 46 years old professional.After I read last year a book named NO \"Nitric Oxide\" written by Dr.Ignarro, Nobel Prize winner, my life has been changed.Mr.Ignarro was mentioning about Krill Oil.Fırst I ordered and we all my family started to take Krill Oil daily one dosage per day.Krill oil helped my daughter for PMS problem and decreased my triglyceride and also LDL to normal level. Thanks a lot Mr.Ignarro and to NEPTUN Company FOR THIS VERY VALUABLE PRODUCT. Best Regards, Asaf KERIMOGLU Tax Legislation Manager ISTANBUL E-MAIL : asafk (at)

Posted by:Posted by: Melissa Lindo
City/province: Markham/Ontario

I have been buying the Neptune Krill Oil that Dilesta Nutrition sells for years now. They have always provided me with quick service and delivery of the product. I would not buy from anywhere else. The health benefits of NKO are numerous as it is considered one of the best sources of Omega 3\'s, according to Dr. Mercola. You must be careful as to what brand you are choosing as not all are created equal. Buy from Dilesta Nutrition to ensure you are getting quality Krill Oil!

Marek Szwedek
City/province: Warszawa Polska

Mam 51 lat,moja żona ma 45 lat, oboje od czterech miesiecy codziennie zażywamy krill oil.stwierdziliśmy ż czujemy się zdecydowanie lepiej.czujemy się sprawniejsi fizycznie i psychicznie.nigdy nie miałem zbyt dużego cholesterolu ale obecnie lekarz powiedział że jest w normie, to samo dotyczy tr�jgliceryd�w.uważm że nie ma odwrotu od NKO.


I found maca on the web and review the use of it. Also I got some suggestions from who used already and got benefit. I start to used from last two months. It was great. It's give lots of energy and keep my body in good condition. I realized that boost my testosterone level. most likely using every day two time get good results. It's natural product without any side effects. I really thanks tol them who introduced this natural product.

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Mat. Mani

Posted by:Tom

I have been taking krill oil for about 9 months. Good for energy, joints and concentration. I am borderline high cholesterol, this keeps in check and I don't need statins.

Posted by:Dr.Jon Walcott
City/province: Ontario Canada

Message: Thanks Les. Everyone I've switched over is happy. One of my receptionists' daughters who started Neptune krill oil noticed a change in her skin and asked her mom if those capsules were supposed to do that! I use it for a variety of eye conditions and personally switched from fish oil and have improved my chronically inflamed lid margins.

Posted by: Anita Baker- The Loft Salon @ Day Spa
City/province: NS

Message: I have ordered from you many the krill oil and the service!!!